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Jupiter Parts Pro is the nation’s largest source of used and remanufactured auto parts with a focus on engines and transmissions. Our network includes hundreds of top suppliers across the country, enabling us to offer Certified Pre-Owned engines and transmissions and other quality parts at competitive prices. We take full responsibility for fulfilling all orders so that we can ensure timely delivery and a heightened level of customer service.

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Jupiter Pro Parts launched in 2013 to help automotive repair shops find quality used and remanufactured engines and transmissions. Renamed under new ownership, Jupiter has grown into the nation's largest source of used and remanufactured auto parts.

We continue to disrupt the market by now offering a first-of-its-kind Certified Pre-Owned Parts™ program with an unprecedented "No-Fault" warranty.

Devoted to creating peace-of-mind for automotive professionals, Jupiter continues to raise the bar on product reliability, exceptional customer service, and overall simplification of the parts purchasing experience.

Jupiter Pro Parts is located in
San Francisco, CA.

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Letter from the Chairman March 20, 2020

Dear Customers,

PartsMarket is shedding its name and will be known as Jupiter Parts from this day forward. The company recently changed ownership and hired an experienced group of new executives. The new leadership is introducing a game-changing Certified Pre-Owned Parts™ program that I explain in more detail below. Given all this change (for the better), we felt like a new name was only appropriate.

Jupiter Pro Parts has proudly been providing used and remanufactured engines and transmissions to repair professionals since 2013. The original team saw an opportunity to simplify parts purchasing by aggregating supplier inventory into a one-stop shopping experience and make it even easier by being your trusted partner taking care of quotes, shipping, and after-sales care. None of this is changing; we will remain faithful to the founding theme and focus of the business. I am pleased to explain, however, what will be changing.

New Ownership and Management

NewForce Equity Partners, a private equity fund that focuses on tech businesses, has made a controlling investment in the company. I am a partner at NewForce and joined the Jupiter board as chairman following the transaction. We also hired new heads of sales and finance immediately after we assumed control. They bring decades of experience to the table and will help lead Jupiter Parts into the future as an innovative market leader.

Certified Pre-Owned Parts™

A primary reason for NewForce’s investment in Jupiter is that we believed the industry could use a disruptive approach to evaluating and guaranteeing high-value auto parts. To this end, Jupiter is now offering Certified Pre-Owned engines and transmissions for the first time in the industry. Parts qualify for this category only after passing our rigorous quality assurance evaluation. All CPO engines and transmissions come with a first-of-its-kind "No-Fault" warranty that guarantees their service life for five years or 75k miles. In the event a claim is required, you contact customer care for a replacement – no questions asked.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about CPO parts, please call your Jupiter Account Manager or drop us a line.

Enhanced White Glove Service.

Finally, we are hiring more support personnel and upgrading our internal customer support systems to ensure you can always connect quickly with a Jupiter rep when you need help. Customer support is a critically important part of the Jupiter promise – that when you order an engine or transmission for us, we’ll be there to help you from quote to delivery to after-sale care. We want to provide you with the level of support you deserve and the confidence of knowing we are here for you.

If you ever need something from us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with an email to or a call to 1 (800) 686-6218.

Whether you’ve been with Jupiter Pro Parts from the beginning days of the original PartsMarket business or you just recently joined us, I want to thank you for allowing us to be your trusted partner.

Best Regards,
Doug Renert
Chairman, Jupiter Pro Parts