Certified Pre-Owned Parts

We ensure that all CPO engines and transmissions are the highest quality through an extensive evaluation and verification process.

Every CPO part come with a no-fault warranty guaranteeing replacement NO QUESTIONS ASKED (Warranties last 5 years/75,000 miles - See detailed terms


Certified Pre-Owned Program – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Jupiter has a particular part available under the Certified Pre-Owned program?

Simply search for your part on JupiterProParts.com, or give us a call at . We have thousands of Certified Pre-Owned engines and transmissions available, for model years 2010 and newer vehicles.

Are Certified Pre-Owned Parts more expensive than other used parts?

Jupiter Pro’s Certified Pre-Owned parts come with our one-of-a-kind No-Fault, 5 Year, 75,000 Mile Warranty. While they may be be priced higher than other used parts, you’ll have the peace of mind from reducing the future costs of part failure or replacement.

What happens if a Certified Pre-Owned part turns out to be faulty at its initial installation?

If the part is determined to have failed upon arrival without an installation error, the No-Fault warranty stays intact for our normal claims process. If it is determined to have failed due to installer error, the no-fault warranty will be utilized and a replacement will be shipped at no cost to the customer.

What if the part breaks down two years after the initial installation?

This Certified Pre-Owned Part warranty is valid for 5 years, and 75,000 miles. If during that time there is a fault in the part, please call our claims team and we will begin a claim.

Does the CPO warranty cover labor costs incurred in replacing a part?

The Certified Pre-Owned Warranty covers up to $500 for transmissions, and $1000 for engines. Hourly rates and amount will be determined by an impartial 3rd party system.

Do replacement parts provided under the CPO program also come with warranties?

Once a No-Fault warranty is utilized, the warranty ends, and is no longer in effect.