Customer story: Dhillon Auto Repair

Trust is in the beginning of all long-lasting partnerships


Dhillon Auto Repair

Business type

Automotive repair


Fremont, CA

Customer since

February 2014

Team size

4 Auto Repair Mechanics

Why Jupiter Pro Parts

✓ Millions of parts in stock
✓ Fast and reliable delivery


When you are running an auto repair shop and you are the person who makes sure the clients are satisfied, it is your word and your reputation that are on the line. Jassi manages Dhillon Auto Repair in Fremont, CA and has seen it all: all kinds of customers, all types of repairs and he has worked with all kinds of suppliers of parts. The bottom line for him is that he wants happy customers that keep coming back.


It is not difficult to imagine how used auto parts are essential for repair shops and how it is critical to rely on your parts supplier. A concern with a part coming from a supplier may result in delays and headaches for Jassi, who is facing his client and needs to explain why there is a delay in the job.
When picking a partner, warranty and price are what’s on Jassi’s mind. However, most important to Jassi is building trust and forming a personal relationship with the parts supplier. Jassi must be sure that his supplier will always come through for him in any situation and will stand with him, regardless of the case.
“I put my name on the line and I need them to back me up.”


Jupiter Pro Parts has been working with Jassi for three years now and the relationship is great on both ends. The Jupiter Pro Parts team stands by their reputation in making sure that when they say a part is good, it really is and if any problems occur, they are right there to take care of everything.
Jassi has never had any issues with Jupiter Pro Parts and views them as a valuable partner.

Effects on the business

The point is, at the end of the day, Jassi needs to sell his customer on a particular part and Jupiter Pro Parts are making sure that he can deliver his promise to his customer. Jupiter Pro Parts’s custom-warranty and competitive pricing allows Jassi to give great service to his customers who would be sure to come back to Dhillon Auto Repair.

Jupiter Pro Parts’s warranty is the best! It’s just good, it makes it easier to sell.

Customer story: National Auto Care

Great customer care and no headaches


National Auto Care

Business type

Auto Warranty


Westerville, OH

Customer since

March 2016

Company size

51-200 employees

Why Jupiter Pro Parts

✓ Great customer service
✓ Best prices in the industry


Scott works at National Auto Care, a service contract company for the automobile industry that processes millions of claims every year. People just like Scott are responsible for navigating the vast inventory of new, used, or remanufactured parts for the repairs under the same claims. Scott needs to shuffle efficiently through requests, then work with a network of suppliers to satisfy the claims.


To be efficient, Scott needs a streamlined process with reliable partners. Everything can come to a standstill if just one supplier of parts in the overall pool of suppliers is less responsive and takes longer to provide the required information.
It is critical to pick the right part for a particular repair and sometimes that can be tricky. Price is always a leading factor, but other variables play their role as well. Time left on the service contract and even millage on the particular component are key in deciding which part to get.

To make everything work, Scott relies on a network of trusted suppliers that he can build and nurture a relationship with. Reliability and trust are paramount. Top that with competitive pricing and you’ve got a partner for life.


Jupiter Pro Parts is one of Scott’s top suppliers since early 2016. He knows that he can count on the company’s supreme customer service, reliability and competitive pricing.
“Once I call Jupiter Pro Parts, I am essentially done. They take everything from there, they deal with the shop, they deal with everything. I don’t have that headache and that’s pretty important.”
Scott’s relationship with Jupiter Pro Parts is just coming up on one year, but “they are coming up strong.” In less than 12 months, Jupiter Pro Parts is now not only a trusted partner, but also Scott’s second largest supplier of parts.

Effects on the business

Jupiter Pro Parts is in the business to revolutionize the market for used parts. According to Scott, they are doing just that with not only their prices, but by providing “better warranty than the other guys,” and a hassle-free experience with superior customer care.

Some of the pricing that comes in from Jupiter Pro Parts is amazing. It really helped our bottom line and savings vs. the other suppliers.

Let’s work together

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Our customers recognize the value of Jupiter Pro Parts. Here is what they say:

Jose at Jose Auto Services
Inglewood, CA

We found parts locally at almost the same price, but since PMR's Warranty covers 12 months so I made the better choice.

Greg at Rapid Transmissions
San Diego, CA

Jupiter Pro Parts stands behind their warranty, and that’s important for me. We haven’t had many issues, but Jupiter Pro Parts is always there to help out.

Richard at Brake Stop
San Diego, CA

I work with Jupiter Pro Parts because of the excellent warranty and phenomenal customer service.

Keith at AAMCO
Indianapolis, IN

My order came on time and I am happy with it. I am sure to continue doing business with Jupiter Pro Parts.

Juan at NKG
San Francisco, CA

I like the service, the prices, and the helpfulness.

Carlos at Lextoy Auto Clinic
San Antonio, TX

My client is happy with the engine we installed. Low mileage, good price, and good warranty coverage.